Wise Intelligent – OG PRT

Wise Intelligent

Im Him
Go With Me
Mama Cry
from The Talented Timothy Taylor (2007, Shaman Work)

Intelligent Muzik and Shaman Work Recordings are proud to present Wise Intelligent Iz The Talented Timothy Taylor from acclaimed artist and activist Wise Intelligent of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers. With this new album Wise has raised the bar once again for diversity, lyricism, storytelling, and artistic integrity in Hiphop. In order to fully appreciate the revolutionary power and transformative beauty of the Talented Timothy Taylor, you have to be willing to open yourself up to a new way of thinking, feeling, and listening. With this record, Wise shows you the full picture of himself as an artist and a human being. He wants to let you see his steps, missteps, and how he became one of the illest MCs to ever bless the cipher. Sonically this record has no boundaries or limitations. The God doesnt believe that Intelligent Muzik can be confined within one season, time frame, or production style because music like knowledge is infinite, so youre going to hear a wide variety of sounds and textures on this album.

    • Black Nerd
    • July 25th, 2007

    Wise Intelligent’s new album is straight Fiyah!

    This is one of the most complete album’s I’ve heard in a long time…He has so many bangers on this disc that I don’t know where to begin. I can’t wait until he drops the second cd from this back to school set…

    Hip Hop needs Wise Intelligent right now! Don’t sleep…BUY THIS ALBUM and let these corporations know that we are tried of the bullshit!

    It’s NO LONGER Smart to be DUMB!

  1. this is a pretty sick album, i cant even begin to say how much i enjoyed it. and i dont enjoy much!

  2. Yo thanks for supporting Wise’s record. We were honored to be a part of helping to spread the word about it. plus, i’m glad to see how much positive feedback everyone has been leaving once they’ve heard the record. shows that true & real hip-hop is alive and well… and that’s what we’re here to do, shine a light on that! Holler at us some time at the Fresh Press Blog. Stay up!

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