YOU and EYE – Infinito2017 & Unagi

Infinito2017 & Unagi

Use Your Mind Right Download
A Day That Dont End Download
from YOU and EYE (2007, 442 Records)

Chicago meets SF… Infinito2017 on the mic with Unagi on the beats. After collaborating on 2005’s promo-only Live From San Fran, and again on last year’s It Came From Beneath The SFC, Bay Area beatmaker Unagi and Chi-town super-emcee Infinito 2017 have reunited for a brand new project, entitled YOU and EYE.

Representing for South Side Chicago and currently based in Memphis, Infinito 2017 is arguably the most prolific lyricist in hip-hop today. He has released over 70 albums since 1989, recording for labels such as Fat Beats, Raptivism, Molemen Records, and his own company Nephew of Frank Records.

In addition to his tireless work ethic, the Regular Black Dude is known for his relentlessly positive wordplay, stressing the importance of Nubian self-empowerment, dedication to family, and the celebration of original style. A true renaissance man, he is also an accomplished painter and author of several books.

Hailing from Western Massachusetts and headquartered in San Francisco’s Mission District, Unagi is a producer and DJ who has released three critically acclaimed albums and a Valentine-themed EP on his own label 442 Records. He has also created music for television shows, feature films, and commercials.

Raised by a professional jazz musician/teacher, Unagi developed a specialized ear from childhood, which is readily apparent in his distinctive, genre-bending beats. Utilizing forgotten vinyl and comically outdated gear, he crafts all of his tracks by hand, playing samples and drums live in real time, without the aid of computers or sequencers.

Adhering to GZA’s “half short and twice strong” philosophy, YOU and EYE treats hungry ears to 17 minutes of thought-provoking lyrics and supremely funky beats. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

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