The Prewreck with The Chapter Crew

The Chapter

The 24 Download
Cla’ence Jo Download
from The Prewreck (2007, Thirsty Music / Awthentix Music)
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Theres true hip hop in Las Vegas? Please believe it! Following the critically acclaimed Awthentix Music release Us Vs Them, The Chapter have been hard at work with their highly anticipated sophomore project titled Advanced Studies which is looking to drop later in 2007. In the meanwhile, 3Sixty (aka Doc Ahk aka The Revolver) and Verbal E (aka Cla?ence Jo aka Jo Action) have decided to release a comprehensive album to keep the music alive as the new curriculum of Advanced Studies is meticulously being laid out.

“The Prewreck as a concept came as one part of a 3 prong or trilogy of projects we’re going to release. You have ‘The Prewreck’, ‘Advanced Studies’, and ‘Extra Credit’. The Prewreck is just that… A collection of music that will get the listener up to speed on who we are as a group and what we’re capable of creatively,” said Verbal E.

Featuring the likes of Supastition, Mr. Complex, Darien Brockington and others, The Prewreck is the perfect precursor before the higher level of musical education takes place.

“This is a must in your music library for the people that have come to feel our vibe. The overall theme is obviously based in higher education, both socially and musically and The Prewreck is the required listening before you get to Advanced Studies,” said 3Sixty.

As The Prewreck prepares to open its classroom doors on June 26th and Advance Studies following soon after, The Chapter has begun undertaking numerous projects. They are keeping themselves busy with Supastition on a full length album in which they will drop in the first quarter of 2008. The Chapter is also slated to release an EP, LIVE! From The 24 and the full length solo compilation from group’s drummer and producer 3Sixty titled The 17 Floor War. Get ready because class is about to be in session.

  1. Good lookin’ out! We appreciate it! This album is not to be slept on. Easy!

    -Verbal E. aka Jo Action-

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