Celcius – Wanderlust

Celcius of Psychokinetiks

Gitchoudere Download
Bleedin’ Download
Wanderlust Download
from Wanderlust (2007, Psychokinetiks)
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Celsius, half of the popular Bay Area hip hop group “Psychokinetics” is on his own and gearing up to release his debut solo project, “Wanderlust.” By crafting intelligent and heartfelt rhymes backed by the bangin’ beats of some of the world’s best undiscovered producers (Headnodic, Dirt Nasty, Mophono, Dj Uppercut, The Friendly Traveler, Denizen, iLL media), Celsius has created a beautifully balanced album that walks the fine line between underground and accessible.

By blending the hilarious pet-peeve reference song “Manners” with the club friendly anthem “Bleedin” and the political and introspective tracks like “Magic Bullet” and “Cells”, Celsius will garner a larger following throughout the hip hop community and beyond. “Wanderlust” never lets up for a moment with the intense storytelling of “Portraits” and the soulful strut of “Livin’ 4 U”, which rounds out this truly diverse and distinct album.

Celsius delivers in the studio, but as anyone who’s seen him live knows, he’s an energetic, engaging, and infectious performer on stage. These qualities have helped Celsius and Psychokinetics build a strong fan base from Japan to Denver to Hawaii, and of course all the way back to the scenic Bay, where they’ve shared the stage with such hip-hop luminaries including KRS-One, Biz Markee, DJ Premier, Black Sheep, Digital Underground, Kool Keith, and more.

Witness why Celsius’ writings have earned him a John Lennon Songwriting Award and also runner-up in the Independent Music Awards. A hip hop fan since ’80, Celsius’ is true to the art and culture, and still believes in the power that the music holds to meaningfully captivate and inspire. In a world full of imitators and soul-less radio, Celsius’ is a breath of fresh air.

Update 07/20/07
I have taken down the MP3 links at the Artist’s request, even thought I was clearly authorized to post the material on the Broke BBoys website. My apologies to those of you who didnt get to sample the project. I have now posted the iTunes link (thanks Byron and April from IODA for the help). Buy the album!

    • audio1
    • July 20th, 2007

    MP3 links taken down. Your iTunes link is now up.

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