KRS-One & Marley Marl – Hip Hop Lives

KRS-One and Marley Marl

Hip Hop Lives Download
Kill A Rapper Download
from Hip Hop Lives (2007, Koch)

KRS One is back again… again. You might remember KRS-One from everything that has anything to do with hip hop that isn’t embarrassing. KRS-One is not commonly on the news because he makes Hip Hop look reputable by speaking eloquently, not getting shot, never hit by cars, not peeing his pants on stage, not walking out on audiences, no frequent legal disputes, no bar fights at the strip club, never robbed on the street for wearing his “bling” all out in peoples eyes, nor does he have beef with anyone who we don’t find complete comedy in terms of artists who call themselves Hip Hop. He has been labeled “The Teacha”, and it has become a recognized indisputable fact that he is a teacher and motivational speaker. If you’re not a fan and you’re searching for information about him, looking KRS-One up online on such sites as  wikipedia will get you almost nowhere in terms of who he is or knowing why people love him so much. KRS-One’s history is imprinted in vinyl, cassette, CD and DVD. In fact over time any true KRS-One fan can discuss his career from beginning to end and speak knowledgeably about his views on sex, war, drugs, politics, religion, and education. But even after meeting him in person and talking to him at a show person to person, I couldn’t tell you what kind of car he drives or what kind of crib he lives in or how much ice he wears. It never came up and it probably never will.

That being said, He released two albums that floored me recently (and it has been about three years since he has done that successfully). His recent solo album; My life, in 2006, and a shocking audio consecration of the reconciliation with the Queensbridge rival Marley Marl; Hip Hop Lives. Marley Marl has about as much pull as KRS-One as far as history, being the musical force behind many queens greats at some points, almost validating them with his appearances as if to put a big stamp on their heads thats says “Good”. I didn’t know what to expect from the two together, but what I got was consistency. The two old school Hip Hoppers completely score the ideals of Hip Hop through Marley’s signature style of moderate tempo beats and piano samples and frequent vocal samples while KRS’s enriches the album with his signature multiple tempo flows, biographical recap, and direct speech style. A few cameos from KRS’s unknown-unheard-of super-emcees, as I call them, over the formula I just discussed, and you have yourself an extremely self-confident effort by the duo. One of the tracks of note features Magic Juan formerly of Proyecto Uno, and I honestly hope to hear from him again after that short but sweet featuring spot. Despite the fact that I’ve been hooked on other older albums of late (Heroes in the City of Dope, Desired Effect, The Shining), This album finds its way right into the CD player and out of my computer speakers constantly. Not just in my car, Its been spreading like a plague to everyone I pass an earful of it to. I’d rate this collaboration album as strong and provoking as Heroes in the City of Dope with much much more experience and less experimentation. These are two Hip Hop artists who know exactly what they want.

Timm (aka Omniscion)

    • olusola adegbemile 4rm nigeria, africa
    • June 11th, 2007

    hey,hey,hey,wat up rhymes and beat,u guys are doing a great job.keep it up…,krs one’s new video is off d hook….

  1. Whoa, whoa… “You might remember KRS-One from everything that has anything to do with hip hop that isn’t embarrassing”? Are we talking about the same KRS? This one?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I used to be a major KRS stan: I thought he was the greatest of all time, I’ve listened to the weakest BDP records countless times, and I am definitely looking forward to finally hearing this new record. Shit, I even kinda liked “Spiritual Minded”. Man can still spit fire, and that’s all that really matters… but come on, he’s nuts.

  2. seriously, dont come on Broke B-boys and be stupid.

    Banjoko is trying to choke hip hop culture by saying that we’re buying into it, and your buying into that. he is taking an unmotivated stance against KRS One, “suddenly”, he used to roll with KRS then suddenly he changed his mind. none of his anti-KRS rhetoric is substantiated and he just spouts generalizations and statistics that dont back up his hostility or his eastern/western philosophical education… all while professing to “love KRS One like a brother“. and youre calling Kris crazy?

    when KRS called him FBI / Federal Agent, i think he was right. Banjo is a tool and an instrument of the media to dissuade hip hop heads from being hip hop heads. listen to what he’s been saying, and more importantly, not saying. please do some more research before you come on here looking for an argument about KRS issuing hostility at Banjo. we are talking about the same guy who threw PM Dawn off his own stage.

    furthermore, that album is good. if someone can change your mind by provoking your hero into a fight that you know nothing about. you need to listen to more KRS One.

    this whole site is about B-boys and B-girls and the music they love, not the public opinion of them.

  3. sorry, that was all just my way of saying… i wish KRS One had been able to hit him.

    • Prof. Nazty Fresh
    • July 15th, 2007

    Wait, that argument’s sillier than most of the obviously ironic preciously faithful acclaim you threw out towards Kris. Yeah, he’s a great rapper. But to say that his outburst at Standford was not embarassing or was spoken “eloquently,” despite how you actually feel about the his stance, is harder to believe than anyone being “floored” by this album.

    • audio1
    • July 16th, 2007

    Adisa Banjoko doesnt always keep it real. I respect his opinion, but he aint on point on everything he speaks.

  4. … im glad krs 1 neva left the hip hop building .young cats dont know that hip hop can be fun and educating and uplifting ……; they dont know that hip hop wasnt created to be a gold mind !!!……..; wealth speakingly. krs got a lot of students now a days !!!! ….im an old head and im 1 of his students!!!!

  1. July 5th, 2010

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