Dont Quit Your Day Job, Please


Feel This Way (feat. John Legend) Download
Uncle Raheim Download
from Dont Quit Your Day Job (2007, G.O.O.D Music)

So, I’m going to paint a picture for you in words. Picture this, You’re a big name producer. you’ve put on your biggest top hat, pulled out a Cuban blunt hand rolled by the hottest Brazilian swimsuit model you could afford and settled down in a bathtub full of money. suddenly, and without the slightest warning, your almost unknown/unheard of ghostwriter comes in, hat-in-hand and says, “Hey Mr. Producer, sir… remember two albums ago when you said you would produce my album one we finished yours…?” and a year later you have, Dont Quit Your Day Job by Kanye We– err.. I mean, Consequence. My bad, but at some points you cant tell the difference.

Consequence has a history. he is known for his slurred speech, rare appearances, and pretty swift lyrics. When i purchased this album i expected something along the lines of the old Consequence cameo spits, not so much like Spaceship by Kanye. But what i got was more like, Late registration II. It reminded me a lot of Canibus’s first album with Wyclef. Am i complaining? No… i’m more confused than anything else. Don’t Quit Your Day Job is a good Hip Hop album, but with really really really really really excessively-good production. Out of all the albums i’ve listened to in the past two weeks, its the only one i found worth writing about. For anyone who has ever been broke and had that Job that just wasn’t for you, or even anyone who had dreams and a lot more self esteem than opportunities, this album is directly aimed at you lyrically. Consequence’s lyrics are heartfelt and it was a pretty real album with tons of cameos from his mother, Kanye and surprisingly John legend… yea… John Legend. i don’t know what to say. i feel like im telling you all to go cop the last Black Eyed Peas album cause there was a Talib track on it somewhere with Q-tip. But really, its not that bad… meaning bad… not bad meaning good (heh). In short, this was an excellent album. its especially excellent if you’re a Kanye West fan, and its an ok album if you’re a fan of Hip Hop. however, it does fall short if you were looking for something with that underground flavor we all love.

Live from the 916,

Consequence – Guess What?!? (Skit)

  1. I have a promo copy of his last album which was a bit of a Kanyefest too, I could never get into it. I’m interested to hear these new tracks though. Thanks for the downloads!

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