The Chrome Children Review

Chrome Children

Koushik – None In Mind Download
MED – All I Know
Pure Essence – Third Rock
from Chrome Children (2006, Stones Throw)

Adult Swim does it again, this time with Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children and the underground power of Stones Throw. The previous time Adult Swim poked underground Hip-Hop in the eye, they used Danger Mouse and MF Doom as their accomplices, creating a new kind of sound using the duo. It was an album that was definitively Adult Swim. Chrome Children has a similar effect using less in the way of customized content and star power. Theres no cameo’s from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or beef raps with Space Ghost. This album retains the qualities of a Stones Throw album without becoming distinctive to any of the artists that are used to compile it. This album is overstuffed with its almost 20 tracks and re-played re-using a bunch of very familiar tracks. It’s recycled and compiled together to create a best of Stones Throw, 2006. not that I’m complaining, a lot of these are my favorites and some of these I’ve never heard before. This album is everything you like about Stones Throw and i mean everything. it has the instrumentals and off-key vocals, the jazz remixes, PBW’s breaks and even Quasimoto flows are in here. This album is many things to many people, and at the same time, it is an inexplicable anagram with no letters… maybe that was too artistic… But so is this album. This is a pure form Hip-Hop album from a independent Hip-Hop label intended for “head nodding” and the enjoyment of sacred hip hop.

when i first gave this album its time, i did it while walking around my neighborhood. A couple of tracks of note that i have to admit kept me head noddin in public like a crazy bum who was high on that dust were Koushik’s “None in mind” and J. DIlla’s “Nothing like this” ( originally from Ruff Draft), theres a Madvillian track to mention as well as some Jaylib content as well as a J.Rocc joint. Stones Throw is like a refuge from the idiot storm that seems to blot out the sunshine of hip hop all too often. if you feel me, pick up Chrome Children.

  1. i noticed this a while back, but figured i would point out…
    all the figures on the album cover are mascots of the various artists.
    three of the clearer ones are the dilla donut, Lord Quas, and Doom (in the yellow jacket).

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