J-Ro / 818 Antics

J-Ro (The Alkaholiks)

That’s Likwit Download
Ho, Ho, Ho (Bad Santa) Download
from 818 Antics (2007, Juju Records)

When one drops respected names in Hip-Hop, J-Ro is up there with some of the greats. He’s been around for a very long time and to me represents an important part of Hip Hop. J-Ro represents the drunken, fun-loving, skillionaire. The name J-Ro to those who dont know could mean about as much as KRS-One to a 6 year old, but to those of us who know J-Ro, its a name associated with greats like King Tee, Ice T, and DJ Pooh. Maybe its a west coast thing, but J-Ro gets you moving in a significantly familiar way every time.

When I started listening to this, 818 Antics Mixtape, I was worried. I had just re-listened to Eat Or Die, and The Re-Up by Ras Kass (one of my favorite artists) hoping for better results the 4th time around and I was sorely dissapointed in both of those yet again. My night was about to get alot better. The 818 Antics Mixtape was a transcendent mix tape that moved itself and evolved while keeping your head continuously bobbing to the beat. At first I started to mouth the words, “It doesnt sound any different from any other Liks Album” when I realized that what I should be saying is “Thank goodness its J-Ro”. Two of the most notable tracks are “Earthquake” featuring Stylistik, and “Thats Likwit”, with honorable mentions to “Asker” and “Ho, Ho, Ho (Bad Santa)”. The Earthquake track is thrumming and thumping and gets you to kind of wake up if you werent head nodding already, Its followed directly by “Thats Likwit, A song thats only flaw is how short it is, that same flaw is shared by Bad Santa which ends the album while Asker seems long, but I found it to be a pretty relaxing song all the same.

While the music itself is by definition west coast music, This mixtape was actually put out by Swedish Indie Label Juju Records as a Download… a Free Download… like, right now… (cop it while you read on foo!)… I feel like I cant say enough good about this mixtape but there isnt much to say, I truly enjoyed myself listening to this album. I immediately put the download to disc and took it for a ride. Some of the tracks from 818 Antics will definitely be in my headphone rotations when I strike out on journeys during weekends from here on out. I’m looking forward to B-Boy Funk which is supposedly the next J-Ro effort, a full album.

Live from the 916,

  1. I downloaded this when it dropped a month back or so but I have yet to listen to it.. I just forgot about it.. After reading this review I’ll mos def check it out.

    I’m swedish so it’s gonna be fun hearing some swedish cats as Timbuktu on the same track the legend J-Ro..

    You heard the single J-Ro dropped a while back?
    J-Ro ft Chords – You Call That Love

    • VI
    • October 29th, 2008

    Albums dope and the drunken flow don’t stop!! Mad props!! Holla

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