Shawn Lov – Waiting For A Ghost

Shawn Lov

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from Waiting For A Ghost (2007, Nuffsaid Records)
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Waiting for a record to come out that even comes within a short distance of a 90s classic is like waiting for something that has died to return to the world.” �— Shawn Lov.Shawn Lov knows what time it is. In the mid-nineties, the Trenton, New Jersey rapper was a hair’s breadth away from a record deal that would have made him the next big thing. As it turned out, Shawn’s unerring artistic ideals didn’t gel with the record company people. The clock kept ticking and Lov stayed on the grind, recording and releasing music independently. His new lease on rap life came when he inked a deal with revered Melbourne label Nuffsaid in 2004 and the subsequent album, The Blackout of 1977, became the first album to be released by a US rapper on an Australian label.

An underground sensation, Blackout was guaranteed a follow-up, but no one expected the product that Shawn Lov has delivered. Waiting for a Ghost is a personal and timely testament to art and life. Rarely has a rapper revealed such an insightful take on humanity while maintaining the highest standards of lyricism. “If we, as artists, are not communicating our most personal, most sincere and vulnerable truths, we are merely tap-dancing,” says Shawn Lov. “And I am fresh out of bottle caps.”

Waiting for a Ghost features guest appearances from Pace Won, Lin Que (Isis of X-Clan), Tony D, Prowla (Nuffsaid Records, Melbourne) and more.

  1. Well! Well! Shawn lov! This is Kippy! Hines, man, Hit! Me up,, boy it’s been longtime, last time I’ve seen you we was eatting wings! Lol! Lol! Still kicking ass! On all style’s, i know you are to hit me Shawn, don’t play! I’m family! All love,

  2. Hello! This is Kippy! Gary Ernesto Hines jr, what is this, somebody trying to be funny! Hit me Shawn,

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