A Plus – My Last Good Deed

A Plus (Hieroglyphics)

Patna Please Download
Good Time Charlie
from My Last Good Deed (2007, Hiero Imperium)
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A-Plus, (aka Plee or Adam Carter), was a founding member of acclaimed underground hip hop groups Souls of Mischief, and later The Hieroglyphics. Souls of Mischief (A-Plus, Opio, Phesto & Tajai) released the classic 1993 album ‘93 ‘til Infinity’ before being dropped by their record label Jive in 1995. From there, the Souls joined Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Snupe, Casual, Pep Love, Jaybiz and Domino to officially form The Hieroglyphics and the Hieroglyphics Imperium Records label. ‘My Last Good Deed’ is A-Plus’ debut solo record, after he released a mix album ‘Pleemix, Vol. 1’ in 2005.

What’s noticeable about this release and most other releases under the Hieroglyphics imprint is that the crew is a crew first and foremost. Crew members regularly appear on each others albums, and this one is no different. Enlisting the services of Casual, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Pep Love and the Souls of Mischief, A-Plus has released a competent album, but one that isn’t overly reliant on its guests.

On ‘The One’, featuring Major Terror, A-Plus pays homage to his roots, not only in the Hiero and Souls crew, but also to his Jamaican Heritage. Here he spits, “This my first solo effort / I hope you get it / If you don’t then it’s copasetic / but no disrespectin’ / I done earned my stripes / dude made, my dues paid”. ‘A-P-L-U-S’ seems like it would be one of those self-indulgent ego inflating efforts, but this isn’t exactly the case. A-Plus has always been a high achiever, getting his name from his father because of his good marks on his report card. After being dropped from his record label along with Souls, the decision for The Hieroglyphics to form their own independent label speaks volumes about the attitude of A-Plus.

Casual makes an appearance on ‘A Beautiful Thing’. Here they bounce off each other in a fast pace, spitting about being independent and strong. “Never let nobody tell that you can’t dream / It’s a beautiful thing”. A-Plus takes a slower approach on the title track ‘My Last Good Deed’, incorporating a piano and other instruments. ‘Nothin’ Fake/The Ultimate’ features Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, and is almost like a song in two parts. The first part has a staccato piano section in the background that sounds a little serious, but when it gets to the second part, it has an almost lighthearted feel to it. The point of the track is a little difficult to get, but Del is adamant when he says “I know you and you know me / and somebody told me that we OG / so if you feel that shake and bake / my boy A-Plee ain’t nothin’ fake”.

‘Kiss The Sky’ featuring Jennifer Johns, is arguably the most personal track on the album, a tribute to a murdered friend who gave A-Plus the confidence to break out of a group dynamic to create a solo album. “Life goes on if you lucky ‘cause my homeboy’s dead / but I’m alive so I be on my shit / you gotta rock rock on / keep keep it on’. Johns’ vocals lend a sombre mood to the song, which reveals quite a lot of what is going on in A-Plus’ psyche.

With most production handled by A-Plus and AAGEE (as Compound7), A-Plus has shown that he has what it takes to be a successful rapper, without having to be signed to a major record label. With fierce beats, strong rhymes, and a ‘can do’ independent attitude, A-Plus has created a very personal record while still incorporating his roots and remembering where he got his start. –sickbuoy

  1. hrm… i ordered this… but i havent recieved mine yet.
    but just listening to that patna please track… it reminds me of Casual’s Same O.G. track off his second album.

    i was hoping it would remind me of Pep’s first track off of his album.
    now im worried.

  2. i remember a few years back i went to a hiero show and in the darkness of the the venue i thought a-plus was del and i was like ay yo del, and he got all mad and shit, four foot tall ass fool looked exactly like del from far away, hes like, hey man i ain’t del, and i was like, yeah you are, hahhaha, hella funny cause nickel and dime emcees think they are bigger than they are, then i found out hes fuckin del’s cousin, he thought i was on some all black folk look alike type shit, and i was like, hey man look at me, i look fucking middle eastern, you think i don’t get racist shit spit at me all the time on some bin laden type mohammed atta shit??? terrorist looking cats are the new “nig**r,” the common enemy for blacks and whites to hold hands together and hate, anyways though, 93 til infinity was my shit back in the day, but it just goes to show you that no matter how much of a midget you are, little man syndrome and and a rapper’s ego are often bigger than their height or skill

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