Sacred Hoop 2007


Sacred Hoop

Smokebomb Download
Worst Person Download
Cremona Download
from Sleep Over (2007, The Hoop LLC)
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The Hoop done it again. Eighteen tracks of pumpin’ hip-hop power, beginning with the ominous gully-cry, “18 to Nothin’,” and concluding with the spiritually apathetic, “Don’t”. This album proves that Sacred Hoop has a deep, abyss-like, bench when it comes to b-boy talent. “Cremona” becomes absolutely Utopian with the crucial off-season acquisition of Z-Man from 99th Demention, as well, anarchist DJ Marz stomps a size 12 footprint in the Sacred terra-firma with his vinyl attacks in the absence of DJ Fondouglas, marking a brand new burn-it-all-down era in Hoop-lore.

    • JayMorg
    • April 23rd, 2007

    SleepOver Is Nice….But Sacred Hoop Just Put Out a new one called Hog Wild….Just As Nice.

    • audio1
    • April 23rd, 2007

    Hold on to your hat. I was just about to post some cuts from Hog Wild.

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