Jam On It Download
Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song) Download
Computer Age Download
from Destination: Earth – The Definitive Newcleus Recordings (2005, Jam-On Recs.)
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This takes me back about 12-13 years ago when my friends and I would meet up at lunch time at Hayward High’s infamous K-Hall, where the Hayward Combo Breakers crew formed and created a lasting impression that even now people still talk about. Alot of us didnt even know how to dance and we all had extreme love for hiphop and hiphop culture and over the years, We became real good at what we did. We linked up with some new freshmen/sophomore kids who just got to school. They held weekly bboy practice sessions at Weekes Park Rec. Center (by Tennyson, for my Hayward folk)… Those were fierce sessions and 2 of the dopest bboy crews back then (and to this day) also practiced there, Miscellaneous (with members from Moreau Catholic) and the world famous Rock4CE (with members from Tennyson & Mt. Eden reppin).

Rock4ce were too sick! You had your straight battle cats with all the power moves and you had your smooth classic top rocking/floor rocking bboys like my homie Paul Ruma aka PAULSKEE. I owe alot to that dude, he dropped mad knowledge on me when it comes to hiphop. Dude taught me how to properly Uprock and do combinations of floor moves. At the time, We would just jump into the circle… Paul taught me the importance of bboying to the breaks of the beat, hence the term , BBOY or Break Boy. You needed to have a style to you. To have the ability to learn the basics and come up with your unique style that would set you apart from the rest and the skills to battle, if it ever came to it. PAULSKEE went on to be one of the leading forces in today’s modern BBOY scene. If you are a true BBOY, You def know everything he has done for hiphop culture.

Times like that remind me of the classic hiphop. The funk, the soul, the breaks the old skool DJ’s looped up to create hiphop. In the 80’s, synthesizers and computers came about and these ultra funk cuts became the norm as tracks like Planet Rock blew up. What you have here is all the classic hits and the essential releases by these Hip-Hop & Electro Funk pioneers! In putting this album together, NEWCLEUS did not set out to do a “Greatest Hits” or “Best Of” collection, even though all of the real hits are represented here. What they instead set out to do was to present the songs that they believed most clearly defined Newcleus, and present them in a form that best matched the way they were intended to sound. These are the DEFINITIVE Newcleus recordings. All the BBoys/BGirls out there, rejoice! You probably already got these in your collection.

  1. I didn’t jump on the Nucleus bandwagon until later. Couldn’t stand ‘Jam On It’ until i started throwing it in mixes. Then I saw the appeal. Lemme download these tracks!

  2. i cant resist nucleus.
    it reminds me of that time when i was a kid when everything was like “dj’s are from space!”

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    • urdead2me
    • February 28th, 2010

    RIP – Chilly B, 47. On Newcleus’ hit “Jam On It” he rapped “when I was a little baby boy my mama gave me a brand new toy / 2 turntables with a mic / I learned to rock like a Dolomite.” Alas, a Dolomite’s no match for a stroke, Chilly.

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