MF Doom

It Ain’t Nuthin (The Chapter Remix) Download
from MM..Leftovers (2004, Rhymesayers)

Doper Skiller (feat. Kool Keith) Download
from Viktor Vaughn – Venomous Villain (2004, Insomniac)

Now that my introductory article has been boring you all for like a month, Lets talk about Hip Hop. To focus on one artist we start with one of the most memorable joints from back in the day, Gas Face – 3rd Bass featuring a very impressive figure in the history of hip hop. Zev Love X, of KMD, showed up and made a subtle wave, he didn’t particularly stand out next to the two white guys and all the cameos in the video. For those of us who became KMD fans, we remembered.

KMD died due to a controversial second album cover and the passing of Subroc, Zev Love became Daniel Dumile and disappeared (from west coast ears at least) for a few years. In those years we (KMD fans) missed and discussed the group, we got black bastards any way we could, download, bootlegging and studied it as if it would give us clues to what happened or where Zev was. Now I’m not quite sure why I picked it up but in 2k, picked up Operation Doomsday by MF Doom. My friends and I gathered around the stereo like it was a campfire and the debate started immediately,
“That sounds like the guy from KMD.”
“Nah, it doesn’t.”
“He sounded younger.”
“Listen to the flow, it kind of sounds like him.”
“Put in that KMD; let’s see if it links up.”

MF Doom was Zev, but not, he was like this insane genius he was trying to be. He goes by three alias names: MF Doom (his commonly known lyricist form), Viktor Vaughn (his criminal lyricist form), and King Geedorah (his producer form). His flow was consistent and eerie and contemplative which match his beats most of the time. I was addicted, I missed a few albums and gems and remixes myself and I’ve been trying to cop all of his albums, EP’s and singles ever since he first appeared. Listening to MF Doom / Viktor Vaughn / King Geedorah is like getting bopped in the back of a head with popsicles as hard as possible and its 120 degrees outside. Its kind of edgy and funny but it’s ridiculous and feels like it only lasted a second and when its over you wish you had another one. The most comparable feeling to MF Doom is Quasimoto, and the most comparable persona is Ghostface’s Tony Stark, but the persona is carried much like Dr. Octagon. Now what’s really interesting about those comparisons in retrospect is that he works well with all of those people professionally.

Now we get to it, why am I bringing this up? There isn’t currently a new album, right?

Over the course of the years that he has come back and started putting out massive amounts of music. I’ve been aggravated by the fact that I keep letting them slip through my fingers and I have to go scrape for them or special order them, or order them online from strange companies in Canada that scare me. I only copped Madvillain this year, I couldn’t find it anywhere. And King Geedorah albums are worse. Where I live there’s no lack of hole in the wall stores who have good distribution contacts, but still. They’re just too obscure. This is a post that urges a preemptive strike. There is a second Madvillain album coming and a Ghostface / MF Doom collaboration. I haven’t heard anything about another King Geedorah, but I know it’s probably in the works. Keep your eyes open, and don’t miss the good stuff.


  1. Man, Doom is one of the innovators who won’t be recognized until years in the future. i love his simplistic productions and way out rhyme-style. I’ve been bust massing his discology on the solo tip and all his collabs.

    Keep tellin’ folks the truth, mayne.

    Peace n’ Law

  2. this guy is like a hero to me, he was one of the pioneers of real edutainment and conscious hip-hop music. i find real meaning hidden deep in some of his more silly peices, i think the mask is kind of a sign to us to look underneath. sure you know its Zev under the mask, but the story of Zev is deep. and then you go to his music. sure its weird and head-bobbin, but whats being said underneath whats being said? thats key. those two tracks i asked Audio to put up are examples of that.

    btw, has anyone seen this:
    Mf Doom Discography.

    its gotta make him feel good when everyone wants this stuff.
    he didnt just make piles and piles of crap, this is quality music here… and lots of it.

  3. yeh, doom is the shit, i remember when robbie over at unkut did a piece about those leaked songs from the fishscale album with doom on it and so many peeps were talking shit on doom calling him overhyped, at that point i was livid and told them they were all stupid, and needed to stop listening to nelly and chingy, anyhow you should check monsta island czars (m.i.c.) which is one of my personal faves with doom and grimm before the beef, hes also got plenty of random tracks floating around out there, one with zero 7 about a girl who is a gymnast, and this other jazzy ass happy track on some soundtrack from a movie about boxing, great shit, i can’t wait to cop new MF joints, don’t sleep on this cat omniscion, cop his shit before its gone

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