DJ Drez – Jahta Beat


DJ Drez

Time Download
InI Download
The Road Download
from Jahta Beat (2007, Say It Loud Music)
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Described as, “an exploration through hip hop and downtempo with a focus on vibrations from India to North Africa” ethnic percussion and vocal work, piano, sitar, ambient synths, flute and even some deft turntabalist work create a mesmerising spiritual LP that calms the senses and encourages clarity of thought.

With ‘Voice’ and ‘Contact’ being the best examples of this majestic sound there are also flashes of snappy raw grooves like in the funky bass and chopped vocal samples of ‘Morocco’ the ice cool vibe, dope beats and sparse spoken word segments of ‘Inner Vision’ and the loose bhangra funk of ‘Time.’ And at 15 tracks long you’ll certainly be getting your money’s worth. A small victory.

  1. haa i used to get the herb hook up from the same dude drez got his herb, they used to record with slum village in culver city at the weed/production spot, back when i lived in LA

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