Busdriver – Kill Your Employer



Kill Your Employer Download
Kill Your Employer (Daedelus Remix) Download
from Kill Your Employer 12″ (2006, Anti Records)

On the tenuous fringes of what can be deemed ‘rap’ there lies the reviled LA maverick, Busdriver. Who for years has been wowing unsuspecting audiences with his patented visceral onslaught of rants, rhyming and displaced musical sensibility. Whether sitting-in with unlikely cohorts such as; Islands, Daedelus, Z-Trip, TTC, Boom-Bip, 2mex etc., or plowing throw his enthralling solo sets, there is a distinct brand of showmanship employed and at least a handful of concert-goers who are maladjusted enough to submit to the shear unadulterated thrill ensued. BD has no desires of cooling his jets either. At this very moment he is most likely booking shows, selling shirts or writing raps for someone else’s album. He’s rapidly becoming a fixture in the US market and a favorite among unlikely groupings of young people. He puts it simply by saying, “This is the grassroots, off-kilter, rap intelligentsia… undertow that your friends talk about”. Say no more.

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