Beat Tape Vol. 1.5
45amp Recordings, 2007

KODA’s “Beat Tape Vol 1.5” ā€“ A journey into sound and crate digging inspired by the works of Madlib, JDilla, Prince Paul, 45 King, DJ Krush, and DJ Cam. KODA brings 40 + tracks featuring true hip hop and instrumentals of Jazz, Grooves, and Breaks. A demo version of the release was leaked out to the internet months ago, featuring over 30 tracks giving people a taste of unreleased work. With over 300 hip hop instrumentals and tracks yet to be heard by the public, the “Beat Tape” series is sure to keep listeners busy.

We got 2 copies to give away for answering this Broke BBoys trivia:
Name the SF based newspaper that wrote a small piece on The Broke BBoys back in 2005?

Please send your answers to: thabboy@gmail.com. First 2 correct answers receive the brand new “Beat Tape Vol. 1.5” from KODA. If your a fan of Madlib, Dilla and other forward thinking producers, This CD is a a must for your musical collection. You heard about it here FIRST!

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