BrokeBBoys giveaway #1

Cutler’s Idle Records and Empty Growlers mix won both the grand prize for Scion’s 2006 “Free Up Your Mix” contest as well as your mother’s unconditional esteem. DJ Cutler cut his teeth as a disc jockey during a very vibrant period in Buffalo hip hop history – listening to , watching, and learning from some of B-Lo’s finest DJ’s (Shay, Scott Down, Tommee, Lo Pro, Ritch the Snitch, Kream and Optimus Prime to name a few). During his life as a DJ, Cutler has freaked all kinds of funk and has blown all kinds of loot on nasty records. When not traversing the globe in search of good jazz on his bicycle, he does so in a van with his Buffalo- based group, Pseudo Slang.

Scion’s Audio/Visual label continues to channel the finest in emerging DJ and music talent with the next set of releases in its sampler CD and vinyl series. DJ Cutler carries the torch in the mixtape series with Scion CD Sampler v.16, while Big Daddy Kane and Percee P join forces with Connie Price & The Keystones for an exclusive 12″ joint. DJ Cutler, winner of Scion’s Free Up Your Mix contest, has put together a mix that showcases his scratching and juggling skills over a selection of underground hip-hop and breaks and features many local acts from his Buffalo, NY hometown.

We have 3 copies to giveaway by simply answering 1 question:
What 2 super famous groups are reuniting for only 3 shows this summer?

Please send your answers to: First 3 winners receive the brand new Free Up Your Mix CD from DJ Cutler. This Mix CD is no joke at all. Pretty amazing set with ill cutting, skratching, fly remixes, drops and all in good taste and variety. Peep this playlist out:

01] Intro – Cutler & Optimus Prime
02] Yes Doubt – Pseudo Slang
03] Love Is – Third
04] Step – Maspyke
05] Tuxedo Rap – PUTS
06] Tuxedo Rap (Mekalek Remix) – PUTS, Time Machine and Shawn Jackson
07] Brooklyn King – Masta Killa
08] Family Rap (Inst.) – Breakestra / X-Now exclusive (Acapella)
09] TKO Megamix – Giant Panda
10] Come Get With It (Inst.) – Basic Vocab
11] Rock It Out! – El Da Sensai
12] Work It Out! – Cut & Prime / Einstein’s Open Mic 6 – Ugly Duckling
13] Struggla’s Theme – Kev Brown with Grap Luva
14] Broke and Copasetic – Pseudo Sland with Vinia Mojica
15] Bluebird (Inst.) – One Self
16] Do The Math – Gr& Phee with El Da Sensai
17] Traveling – Third
18] Infinity and Beyond – Ajent O with Kool Taj
19] Jungle V.I.P. – Noble Truth
20] Chill Grime – Fresh Guac
21] Atta Boy – Nick Zero
22] The Warm Up – Tanya Morgan
23] Coffee and Age – Catastrophic
24] The Best Sound Around – DJ Anubus

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