Saturday Morning Soundtrack

Saturday Morning Soundtrack

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from Saturday Morning Soundtrack (2006, Fill In The Breaks)
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In this cooperative experiment of twisted samples, intermingled lyrics and fridge worthy themes Ecid (Fill in the Breaks), Impulse (Fill in the Breaks) Capaciti(Hecatomb) and Kristoff Krane (Abzorbr and Face Candy) have given birth to a severely rare form of hip hop resulting in the creation of a never expected project to be, tagged with the name, “Saturday Morning Soundtrack”.

It occurred one day to Ecid, founder of the record label, “Fill in the Breaks,” to piece together a project where he could supply himself and three other MC’s, who he though were worthy of collaboration, with his own hand picked beats. It just so happens that all three people that he proposed his plea to decided to go out on a limb, before all of the members even met each other. After assessing first impression Kristoff, Capaciti and Impulse all agreed that this would be worth there time and they began, that following Saturday. It didn’t take long before these four individuals managed to merge their self-absorbed lanes into one unpaved road that anyone would be hesitant to walk down alone.

With Ecid’s desperate attack wrapped in sincerity, Capacities heart-driven persuasion, Kristoff’s flimsy intention vibes and Impulses outbursts of piercing touch this group winds up generating noise that is bound to lure listeners toward a destination that is unknown to their ears.

Ecid, the one responsible for gathering this group of individuals states: “We wanted to make an album that would be stripped down, honest and simply put, “free,” free in the sense that it wouldn’t be restricted by any boundaries whether that be writing, rapping and or beat-wise.”

There first and only full length record, “Saturday Morning Soundtrack,” contains everything from pretty and colorful to bouncy and anxious, but regardless of what style is delivered, one can always sense the degree of care and concern imbedded in this assembly of explorers.

    • zk
    • February 26th, 2007

    thx for turning me on to this. great stuff

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