Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul

Infinito 2017

Break The Europeon System Download
Heart For My Black Skin Download
Feed A Black Mind (OG Mix) Download
from Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul (2006, Nephew Of Frank)
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If the year is 2006 you will find Infinito 2017 working as a under paid temporary. Teachers assistant in either Richmond California or Memphis Tennessee not being Hphy or getting crunk just helping tomorrows leaders know its okay to be positive when being creative. Using original thoughts being broadcasted on a microphone and some positivity defines the creative process of Marcellous Lovelace known on the streets as Infinito 2017. A collection of production and boom bapstic remixes from producers from all over the world. This album is a masterpiece in the way it’s arranged with well thought out lyrics and political topics. The album starts off with a banging introduction produced by Thaione Davis and features thoughts of Marcellous Lovelace and 9th Scientist. The rest of the songs create the mood with stories of lust, Gentrification, Darfur, Homelessness, Education, South Memphis, Racism, a failed Government, Love, Hip Hop, and the sadness in the everyday system known as hell on earth. This Album is a positive reflection in a rough situation in Hip Hop from the mind of Infinito 2017.

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