Masai Bey – The Panacea Goldmind

Masai Bey

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from The Panacea Goldmind (2006, Uncommon Records)
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Have you ever heard something that is really familiar but at the same time like nothing else you’ve ever heard? That’s the effect of hearing “The Panacea Goldmind”. Masai Bey’s tracks are silver bullets and the album is the four five that shoots down the mainstream werewolf. His vocals are like the words of a trusted friend leading you down the path of life, instructing you on your way of living, your career and how you treat the people around you. His beats build up that trust you have in him so that his words never come off preachy and respect drips off of every sentence.

The album kicks off from the start with head nodding beats, one after another. Elements of this record are “experimental” but there’s nothing on here that is hidden from you, every word and beat placed precisely for you to take a way the message of that particular song. “Thugs Becuz” speaks to the struggles of the average inner city youth and what keeps them in a position of poverty. “Bey’s Theme” breaks down Masai’s own struggle to feed his family and what he will and won’t do musically to accomplish that. “Poorichman” breaks down Masai’s roots on Staten Island during the eighties in the early days of hip-hop. “Missile Defense” is stuffed with flows that come from every angle over a beat that you never get tired of hearing despite it’s perceived simplicity. Each track speaks from experience and knowledge, which is something that’s sorely missing from most rap in 2006.

A lot of people that hear Masai, attempt to compare him to someone else (most settling on KRS-One), but as it was stated earlier, he may sound familiar at times, but is like no one else you’ve ever heard on the mic. His flows and rhyme patterns leave the listener guessing on where they’ll land until the very end of the margin on every line. Make sure you load up the four five with these silver bullets because the werewolf is coming and this album may be your last, best chance at survival.

  1. I just peeped this post. Good lookin’ on throwin’ this up; I’ve been a fan of Masai Bey’s since I first heard him on the ‘Paranoid Android’ vinyl w/ Cage and Space. He recorded a few tracks with my man Vyle (Chicago), so he’s kind of like fam. I hope more headz start checkin’ for Masai. He’s raw dope.

    • Grayson
    • April 27th, 2008

    is there any way i can get the panacea goldmind on vinyl? is so how can o order it?

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