Yall Should All Get Lynched

The realest video on the state of hiphop Ive seen in a minute.

  1. Hip Hop is deceased. Nothing but Coons shuckin’ & jivin’ for the jewish owned record companies. It’s a disgrace!

    • Andree
    • December 16th, 2006

    Finally the truth! Like Nas said hip-hop is dead. Dipset, Crunk, Jim Jones “Ballin”, it don’t mean not a thing. Speak it brotha! Real hip-hoppers need to step up. De la Soul, Tribe, Brand Nubians, KRS 1, Public Enemy, X Clan stand up!

  2. for the record,

    I agree with the critique, but we do not need to demand that brothers and sisters rappin who don’t conform to “real hiphop” get lynched.

    this is an artists view and the site doesn’t condone an all out attack on these artists.

    blaming these artists, which the South usually gets attack for is not the issue: it’s monitoring what record industries next trend is easily to consume

    there’s still a lot that needs to change in hiphop and all this regionalism in our minds is one of them.

    PEACE. BoogaLeo

  3. its obviously a metaphor, he doesn’t mean lets hang black folk again, what he does mean is that hip hop culture, and the artitists in the forefront need to take responsibility for what they say, do and portray, i mean all those other rappers he mentioned at the end, they actually have some shit to say besides money cars hoes guns clothes diamonds[which actual folk from Africa mine for petty cash in sierra leone and south Africa] i’m never one to talk badly about hip hop, in fact most of the time i feel like i have to explain that not all hip hop is “that way” and that there is intelligence in the genre, and that it has to do with culture, with art, with rhythm, with breaking, with poppin and locking and the feeling you get when you hear some next shit or hear something that speaks [immortal technique, zach de la rocha, pe, krs, etc] to you, and yeah, these ignoramus tv rappers don’t need to get lynched, but i wish harder than anything that i could slap some of those fools in the face and tell em to read a book, or take a trip to their motherland, look what happened in katrina, or at least try to understand in the slightest of ways how malcom x, marcus garvey, kool herc, martin luther the king, Emperor Haile Selassie I, big daddy kane, rakim, epmd, krs, run dmc, pac, big, dilla, huey p newton, and every truly gully freedom fighter in the struggle paved the way so that they could even have the right to speak, hip hop ain’t dead y’all, hip hop is just continuing to pave its own way between the corporate structures of power which want to exploit it and its independent roots which will nourish its soul but starve its body

  4. I think he means it.

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