X-Clan – Return From Mecca


Weapon X Download
from Return From Mecca (2007, Suburban Noize)

“We have to adjust and balance the quality of music we listen to. Constant negative input leads to negative living, support positive music.” – Brother J

With the tragic passing of hip-hop cultural leader Professor X in March 2006, the message of X-Clan and the Blackwatch Movement is being carried forward by his protégé, Brother J, X-Clan’s co-founder and spokesman.

Making its debut in 1990 with, To The East Blackwards, and with there 1992 sophomore effort, Xodus, (both of which are considered classics and peaked at #11 on the Hiphop charts) X-Clan was at the forefront of Hiphop’s cultural movement. With hits like “Funkin’ Lesson,” “Heed The Word of the Brother” and “Raise The Flag,” X-Clan secured Hiphop as their vehicle to deliver and advance the science and math of upliftment, popularizing the ideas of Malcolm X, Sonny Carson, Huey Newton and Clarence 13X, while keeping dance floors packed.

Led by Brother J, the Clan’s founder and original lead MC, X-Clan are ready again to move your mind, body and spirit like back in the day, as one of the most powerful and influential hip hop crews Hiphop has ever witnessed, have returned after nearly a decade-long hiatus. Moving forward, Brother J, Ultraman Ra Hanna, ACL, DJ FatJack, Kumu M. Haynes and Master China will carry forward the message into the next generation of X-Clan with the release of Return From Mecca, which will be released on 01-30-07 and finds the group reforming their groundbreaking tradition of displaying ancestral wisdom, culture and a signature lyrical style that appeals to all generations of Hip-Hop. Joining X-Clan on their celebrated return are a bevy of high-profile collaborators; among them Jurassic 5’s Chali 2NA, KRS-One, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, RBX, Abstract Rude and YZ (as of press time, X-Clan is also in the studio putting the finishing touches on a still unnamed track with Damian Marley which will make the LP). In addition, there are also a bevy of buzz worthy West Coast producers chipping in production, including the legendary DJ Quik, DJ Khalil, Jake One and Bean One. X-Clan’s new LP also marks the group’s debut for hip-hop and underground tastemakers Suburban Noize Records. Grab the album when it drops and while your at it, Check the video!

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