Kankick – Serious Business This


Blood In I Eye Download
Yes, yes Suite 3 Download
Break of Dawn Download
from Serious Business This! (2006, Ramp Recordings)
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Kankick has been chopping drums with fellow Oxnard legend Madlib since Junior High, and was an original member of the Lootpack. Raised by a single mother, Kankick immersed himself in music from childhood. Pillaging his Mom’s records he developed his ear, with music ranging from Bruce Springsteen to RUN DMC. Fiercely independent, Kankick broke off from the Lootpack to form his own ‘Funk Farm’ crew, whose members included DJ Babu and God’s Gift. Honing his own unique sound over the years, Kankick’s production is still light years ahead of today’s contrived and static Hip Hop scene. With his craftsmanship still being underestimated by US record labels, this time around Kankick hooked up with UK’s Ramp Recordings to release ‘Serious Business This’, featuring contributions by Miki Valle, Blame One and Mysterious Babies.

  1. Props for recognizing one of the most criminally overlooked producers in hip-hop. I haven’t copped the new LP yet, but From Artz Unknown was a great album that very few people heard.

    You guys have a way of staying a few steps ahead of most other hip-hop blogs. While a lot of other sites compete to be the first to up the latest commercial bullshit, the focus here seems to be purely about quality. Respect.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. We arent the best blog out there but we defintiely attempt to showcase alot of the bomb material thats out. HipHop is Dead? Yeah right… 🙂

  3. Hip Hop is definitely wounded right now haha wouldn’t you say? Kan Kick is one of my favorite producers . His “Acid Massive Musical” LP remains one of my favorite records in recent years. It was brilliant. Thanks for speaking on Kan Kick. Peace.

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