The Concious Daughters – Gamers

The Concious Daughters

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from Gamers (1996, Guerilla Funk / Priority)
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Gamers, TCD’s solid Paris-produced sophomore follow-up, sold over 200,000 copies, upon its release in 1996, and prompted a second cross-country tour. With its lead single and video of the same name, The Conscious Daughters’ star continued to rise, this time featuring the additional production talents of Rick Rock and Mike Moseley, among others.

As with their first album, Gamers’ most memorable songs are also its most socially relevant. This time TCD issue their take on the AIDS epidemic in “All Caught Up,” a heater which dishes advice on HIV-avoidance by speaking from the point-of-view of the virus in first-person. “Widow,” (which could be considered as “Wife Of A Gangster” part 2), continues its commentary on the violent world that a criminal’s wife faces on a daily basis, and the trials and tribulations many in our community face when involved in street life.

Thick and lush in its production, Gamers continues on TCD’s mission to deliver of rough rhymes and street knowledge, but from a sorely-needed female point of view.

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