“An anthropological trove, blending autobiography, oral history….
and loving description of individual sneakers.” —The New Yorker

TESTIFY BOOKS is proud to announce the long-awaited paperback publication of Bobbito Garcia’s magnum sneaker opus, Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987. Hailed as an instant classic upon its 2003 hardcover release, and selling out its 13,000 copy first printing in less than eight weeks, Vogue called WYGT? “a welcome addition to New York cultural history,” while The Post raved: “This is sneaker anthropology; you could teach a college course using it as a textbook.”

While chronicling the rise of sneakers through the lean years of the 1960s, the bulk of WYGT? examines sneakers released between the golden years of 1970-1987. Information-packed entries for each model include all of the color combinations available, nicknames for particular models, any relevant athlete endorsement, and (hilarious) running commentary from a rogue’s gallery of fanatics who weigh in on the pros and cons of each sneaker. Ancillary chapters cover all of the other angles, from stealing kicks, to customizing them, to lacing them, to accessorizing them….It’s all here. Everything you ever wanted to know about the production, distribution, and comsumption of sneakers during the seminal years of sneaker culture in New York—the city that set the stage for the worldwide dominance of today’s sneaker industry.

Interviewees in WYGT? include but are not limited to: Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland, Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond, Joe Skie, Lincoln Parker, Ray Garcia, Theodore Lake, John Merz, Mark Pearson, Jazzy Art aka SET 3, Turk Gumusdere, Ahmad Hooper, Prime Minister Pete Nice, Blake Lethem aka SCOTCH, MC Serch, Mike Drake, Jorge “Fabel” Pabon, Jorge “Kurious” Alvarez, Schott Lee Jacobs, Michael Greene aka EMZ, Steve Brock, Prof. Will Strickland, COCO 144, Fab 5 Freddy, KRS-ONE, Crazy Legs, Frosty Freeze, DOZE Green, Rakim, Seth Rosenfeld, Udi Avshalomov and so many more!

“The perfect primer….A much-needed compendium.” — Vanity Fair

“Lovingly explores the roots of retro sneakers.” — The New York Times

“The bible of sneakers.” — Complex

“Definitive.” — Slam

Bobbito Garcia is the host of ESPN 2’s popular sneaker series, “It’s the Shoes.” An accomplished DJ, he was the co-host of the beloved “Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito” radio show on New York’s WKCR, where he broke acts like Jay-Z, Big Pun, the Wu-Tang clan, and Nas, among others. He lives in Harlem, USA.

PURCHASE Where’d You Get Those? online at

  1. My coffee table will not be complete without this. Thanks for the heads-up.

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