Qwel and Meaty Ogre

Qwel and Meaty Ogre

Cabin Fever Download
I Forgive ‘Em
from Freezer Burner (2006, Galapagos 4)

Galapogos4 returns with aesthetically advanced hip-hop straight out of Chicago. Qwel and Meaty Ogre are the kind of MC/Producer dynamic duo that forms the backbone of the best hip-hop albums. Like Gang Starr and Soul Position before them, Qwel and Meaty Ogre connect as a unit with Qwel bringing an enormously literate flow reminiscent of Sole and Aesop Rock and Meaty Ogre providing some break-heavy beats that could easily score the next neo-noire classic. In a nutshell, Freezerburner has the sample panache of RJD2’s most moody soundscapes with the avant-textures of classic Company Flow. The record has a flawless consistency that belies the glut of overstuffed hip-hop that clutters the market. Freezerburner stands tall and proud as an all-around compelling journey that pulls no punches and never demeans itself to popular trends.

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