Loer Velocity

Loer Velocity

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from Ready for A Renaissance (2006, Embedded Music)
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When I think of “Renaissance” I think about that golden age when art, scholarship and the like appeared for the first time to enlighten the populace, challenging everything it once knew. In a time where Jurassic 5 is collaborating with Dave Matthews and appearing on the local alternative station, I was hoping for some good, old-school hip hop when I was assigned to review Loer Velocity’s first solo album, Ready For A Renaissance. I was ready for smooth beats, clever rhyming and poetic lyrics-something with a nod to Digable Planets’ lyricism, the speed of Blackalicious, and maybe a smoothness of vintage soul.

Loer Velocity’s voice is melodious, the beats are effortless, and his lyrics are real. “Renaissance Man Intro” sets the tone. Loer Velocity is not going to be in blackface performing what he thinks we expect from him. From “Nuth’ns” to “A-Z,” I was not disappointed. He’s not trying too hard – like it seems nearly every other artist is.In “Get The $,” he says, “I’m forever counting pennies when I recollect/ still my bank account is slim lookin’ kinda suspect/ keepin’ up with the joneses polish my rep.” Loer Velocity goes on to the perils of daily life: hitting the snooze alarm, being late to the minimum wage job and blaming it on a late train. He continues this theme in “World of Poverty.” This is not a man hiding behind a grill and a bottle of Cristal. This honesty that life is hard reminds me of classic KRS-One.

So I got what I wanted in this record – a down-to-earth lyricist telling me the truth but not begging me to feel sorry for him, a different beat with each track and poetic rhymes. “Convo Piece” is my favorite. “Lately I’ve been feelin’ kinda introverted/ and you might not fully get it by the way that I word it/ but I’m do my best to let you see in my window” and “I’ve been searchin’ deep within my soul” are not lyrics of some cocky guy trying to sell you his CD to promote his blinged-out lifestyle. He’s just inviting you in while he figures things out. And this record is a renaissance – an artist admitting that he is that average American and that he’s not living the lifestyle we see on Cribs.

A great set of tracks to put on at the end of a long day. Either listen to the lyrics and think a little deeper, or simply sit back and enjoy the beats. (Leigh Medina)

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