Frank N Dank

Frank N Dank

What Up Downlaod
The Hustle Download
from XTended Play Version 3.13 (2006, Needillworks)

When you’re the protégés of arguably the most sought after hip hop producer not named Pharrell or Kanye (read: Jay Dilla) the stakes is high. Over the last four years, global rap enthusiasts have reached orgasm via Detroit-bred Frank and Dank 12” singles. That’s not debatable. But what’s their formula? Well, for starters, they’re uninhibited like Paris Hilton on them bootleg love tapes, but in the musical sense. Yep, there’s a reason their “Take Dem Clothes Off” (ABB) single generated international DJ and chart accolades without a video or CD release.Not to mention undeniable rhyme chemistry built up over 20 years of friendship sure as hell don’t hurt on the mic. “Pause” from Jay Dilla’s popular 2001 Beat Generation series album Welcome 2 Detroit perfectly demonstrates why Frank is the Yin, to Dank’s Yang. And lastly, because F&D rhyme about female attraction (often) and clandestine street activities (honestly), they tend to get respect from the thugs who buy 50 Cent or Jay-Z records. Unlike the growing legions of emcee’s who boast about their ‘hood exploits—from their 25 room house in Forest Hills—F&D have always come off as credible slum correspondents, laying out the template for future Detroit player / hustler-cum-emcee’s looking to get over. “What Up” features production from Lancecape while “The Hustle” features Stones Throws’ own Oh No at the helm. Two-way your peeps ‘cause resistance to one of Detroit’s finest musical exports is futile.

Frank N Dank – What Up on YouTube

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