AG – Get Dirty Radio


Frozen Download
HipHop Quotable (feat. Aloe Blacc) Download
from Get Dirty Radio (2006, Look Records)
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Both New York and San Francisco have professional sports teams named the Giants. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that legendary MC AG—aka Andre the Giant—recorded his latest album, Get Dirty Radio, the first single from which is in your hand now, 3,000 miles away from his South Bronx birthplace, in California. What is a surprise, however, is that while longtime collaborators Lord Finesse and Showbiz appear on Get Dirty Radio, the majority of the tracks were crafted by producers the rapper’s never worked with before, including Jake One, Dabrye, Tommy Tee, Oh No, Look Records head honcho DJ Design, and— representing somewhat of a hip-hop head’s wet dream—Madlib and J Dilla.

“That’s gonna let em know right there,” AG predicts. “Those are two guys who carried the tradition of digging in the crates, and DJ Design linked me up with them, so it’s like the old legend with the new kings … The album is crazy.”

On the Madlib-produced “Frozen” (the album’s first single), AG proves he’s still got the verbal skills that made him a legend: Niggas say we real cause the way we got down/ From the streets to the industry locked down/Plot now on the world that’s the next stop/ Ladies listen cause I’m known to hit the wet spot. The DJ Design-produced “Triumph” bears much personal significance for AG, who’s overcome many trials and tribulations in his life, from a murder charge (since overturned), industry-related politics and the tragic death of his good friend Big L. On the track, he pays homage to his fallen comrade, declaring Big L will never be forgotten, then goes on to say, the Big Apple, I eat it rotten/ Just to keep it poppin’. Another unquestioned highlight is one of J Dilla’s last production credits, “Hip Hop Quotable (feat. Aloe Blacc), a brilliant track which traces the history of hip-hop through its more memorable lyrics over the years, and finds AG up in the lab, stabbing that pad with a pen again.

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