Ghost [not] Deini


Seldom Seen Often Heard (feat. Verb T, Kashmere and Asaviour) Download
Basic Instinct (feat. Abstract Rude) Download
Through The Hills Download
from Seldom Seen Often Heard (2006, Breakin’ Bread)
Buy the album at Suspect Packages, Beathut or Amazon UK

Did I ever mention (Swiftly ignoring that long hiatus) that I’m cooler than cool with the UK’s forerunner in rhythmic freshness, also known as Ghost? I even got him tickets to a show that never manifested, but think on that. One time Itch.FM supremo has been on point for a London minute. The focus of this post is the new album ‘Seldom Seen Often Heard’ on Breaking Bread earlier this year. Ever since I had the vinyl single, I knew this album was going to be a steaming pile of hot bakery. If possible, get past the awe-inspiring cover art, and rotate your disk size of choice. Imagine, if you will, atmospheric musical musings combined with rib shaking drum lines, topped off with the regional dialect of some of the UK’s most impressive/under-appreciated MC’s. The title track even has a video (see below)!! Big tings, catch that on late late late night Channel U if you’re familiar with this side of the pond..

Forget the disparate grime tracks (on Channel U) and find this gem, blessed by The Invisible Man, Verb T, Kashmere & Asaviour. ‘The Pay Off’ is the 12″ that got me hooked, once again with Verb T & Asaviour and the inclusion of a little funk business. More of the same ensues.. you need to buy it to get the full suspect package, don’tcha. And because Ghost is for the children, he has a MySpace that you can add lurk and tell your crew about… You can find the slick video for ‘Seldom Seen Often Heard’ (see below) so check it, also, information and other gubbins can be found there. All things considered, and bringing things back from the brink of my metro-sexual myspace tangent, this album really is stupendous.

One more thing, buy it at Suspect Packages. I’ll take this brief moment to big up Soundclash Record Store in Norwich, where I acquired my slice of UK hiphop history, and on the subject of Norwich, Canaries are my least favourite winged creature.

-Matt aka Fu (broadcasting live from somewhere in the UK)

Ghost on Youtube – Seldom Seen Often Heard

    • Matty B
    • October 19th, 2006

    The disparate grime tracks on Channel U, if that was unclear, there is no grime on the Ghost album, it’s a fairly clean piece.

  1. Cheers, Check out the photos of my new emo haircut

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