The Hiero Files #2

Del The Funky Homosapien

Phoney Phranchise Download
Jaw Gymnastics Download
from Both Sides Of The Brains (2000, Hiero Imperium)
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Del the Funky Homosapien claims that he and Hieroglyphics crew are “Lyrical Gallaghers” and to back up this boast, he spends the rest of the album smashing hip-hop cliches like so many watermelons. On Both Sides of the Brain, Del’s fourth album, he continues to create hardcore yet hallucinogenic soundscapes. Joining him on Both Sides is a cast of fellow B-boy bizarros: El-P, of New York’s indie iconoclasts Company Flow, brings the noise on the starkly def duet “Offspring,” while producer-provocateur Prince Paul infects “Signature Slogans” with springy, skewed grooves. But Del’s elastic slanguage is the real star here. Rhyming about everything from The Hobbit to Joe Piscopo, he cements his status as rap’s staunchly independent lord of the underground and perhaps the best rapper you’ve never heard. (RS)

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