We Are Vol 1 – Uncommon Records Compilation

Uncommon Records

billy woods – The Party Download
The Presence – Kool Download
Arcsin – 88 Tusk Hammers Download
from We Are Vol 1 – Uncommon Records Compilation
(2006, Uncommon Records)
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I got this CD in the mail this weekend and let me say that it is truly amazing. It’s chockful of new music from The Presence, Arcsin, Vyle (URB’s next 100 – 2006), K-the-I, billy woods, Masai Bey, L.I.F.E. Long and many more. I commend this label and its staff for coming proper with this release. Many labels submit material and you get your occasional threats for not feeling someone’s music but these cats put in major work. What I like about them is how they freely push the creative boundary musically, as witnessed on Arcsin’s “88 Tusk Hammers” which blurs east coast drums and synths…. Fans of producers like DJ Shadow, Vadim and Insight would totally love this album. Label owners Nasa and Cirrus of The Presence stand out on “Kool” which also rides to the rhythm of a different drum, with its rock riffs and crunk drums which go 4/4 at times. Billy Woods rocks “The Party” with its 30’s style intro, spoken word, haunting samples and relentless lyricism, giving it that dark New York sound thats been missing for a minute. This compilation would not be a complete package without your NYC styled boombap headnodders. I highly recommend this album to everyone because of its vast reach, from hiphop heads to indie rockers. Make sure to pick it up and support the new art underground movement from Uncommon Records.


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