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Malkovich Music

Old Soul Download
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To B. Or Not To B. Download
from Skeletons (2006, Genoa Imports)
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Skeletons, the debut solo album from Los Angeles emcee and Gershwin BLX/Halifax All-Stars co-founder Malkovich, will finally be hitting stores worldwide throughout winter on Genoa Imports/BLX with distribution through LA-based distributor KSD Music ( Skeletons is an audio novel of an old soul’s first 26 years of life as a young man on Earth at the turn of the millennium. A project four years in the making, this sixteen-track, hour-long opus is the bare bones of life, boiled down to the bare essentials of hip-hop music: raw, atmospheric beats and masterful, groundbreaking verses. Producers Nocturnal Ron, ABCDEFG, Earganic, Obi and Noble spin a cobweb of fractured blues chords, flowing jazz melodies and twisted soul licks over a dark, abandoned closet of dusty drums. Years of performing throughout the fifty-two states with G.B.L.X. has honed Malkovich’s delivery into a sharp, commanding flow that melds seamlessly with the sparse, hypnotic beats. Lyrically, Malkovich is both method actor and methodical playwright on Skeletons, jumping from vivid road stories and all-out love songs to manic, unhinged verses of venom and dizzying contemplations on a world gone mad – a world that always was.

Malkovich makes audio movies. An international traveler with a storyteller’s heart, he packs every verse with vivid visuals, delicate details and stray lyrical brushstrokes that all combine to set the mood as effectively as the narrative. A writer as much as he is an emcee, his lyrics are literate and poetic, chock-a-block with internal rhyme schemes and allusions that take repeated listenings to fully process. His penchant for raw, dusty beats and diverse topics and themes – many of which he has been known to stretch across entire albums – makes for a musical catalog that veers from mellow to hardcore to disturbing. Intimately involved in every aspect of his music’s creation, he personally selects, structures and arranges all beats, and sequences each album to be seen as well as heard.

Malkovich first brought his concise, precise rhyme style to disc as part of Gershwin BLX, the infamous L.A. hip-hop crew he co-founded in 1995 (which also includes emcee Omni among its ranks), collectively pumping out the underground classics VocabuDrab Sessions 96-97, Sunch Punch and Veganz Want Beef, Vol.1. To date, G.B.L.X. has performed all over America, Hawaii, Europe, Japan and Mexico, opening for the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Tha Alkaholiks, Hieroglyphics and Living Legends, to name just a handful. Malko is also co-founder of the Halifax All-Stars, a loose-knit Los Angeles-based collective that also includes emcee Fat-Hed and producer Nocturnal Ron. Skeletons is not an album about the rap life, or the drug life, or the club life, or the fast life. This is an album about real life – that funny, scary, happy, confusing, painful, glorious thing we keep waking up to.

  1. Super TIGHT!

    • audio1
    • October 2nd, 2006

    ya, this one caught me by surprise too.

    • J
    • November 11th, 2006

    Man it is ill to hear this kid again, Old Souls is just dope and the rest of them as well, I have always enjoyed the Gershwin BLX crew and this is much appreciated.


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