Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It


Break The Grip of Shame Download
The Devil Made Me Do It Download
The Hate That Made Me Download
from The Devil Made Me Do It (1990, Tommy Boy)
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This is the LP that helped usher in a new era of awareness in rap and put Paris firmly on the hip-hop map. Hard and unrelenting, this debut is considered by many to be a classic in the politically-conscious hip-hop genre. It yielded 2 top twenty singles – the politically charged “Break The Grip of Shame” and the title track. Black panther imagery and progressive thought abound here, with Paris combining ominous funk soundscapes with poignant, insightful rhymes. Check the lyrical fury of “Panther Power” and the brooding, focused anger of “Escape From Babylon”. From the waging of righteous warfare on the Yusef Hawkins tribute “The Hate That Hate Made,” which recalls his racial killing in Bensonhurst, NY, to “Warning” a brief, albeit explicit diatribe against police brutality, The Devil Made Me Do It is unrelenting in it’s pro-black, anti-establishment stance. Definitely food for thought in these troubled times, The Devil Made Me Do It dutifully maintains it’s social relevance, even thought it was initially released over 16 years ago.

  1. Definitely one of the greatest albums of all time. It’s amazing how timeless and relevant an album like this can still be. Maybe amazing isn’t the word. Sad is more appropriate, because it shows that in 16 years we have not been able to change anything.

    • audio1
    • October 2nd, 2006

    tell me about that man. 16 years and not much has changed. funny because shit wasnt really better with Clinton in office but times were more optimistic than they are now.

    • IHeartJapan
    • October 6th, 2006

    DAMN! A combination of this and Public Enemys “It Takes A Nation Of Millions” opend my eyes to Hip-Hop.

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