A New Era In Funk – Teeko


Masked Mombler Download
Five’n Download
from My Soundstation (2006, 4ONEfunk/TRC)

Innovative, Pure. Live. The eclectic sounds of My SoundStation kicks open the doors with Teeko emerging as an innovator in a new era of turntablism with a contemporary and progressive edge.

After achieving international success, acclaim and recognition for his creativity in international competitive DJ circuits, Bay area-based Teeko of the collective 4onefunk crew, felt the constraints of the battle scene closing in. His musically feral state of mind began to produce original sounds that followed no traditional composition. With a “no rules” mantra in mind, Teeko utilized different dynamics of music production, including live sound cutting, solidifying the declaration of the turntable as an instrument. The fusion of live instruments and turntable scratching emitted a hand crafted work of live, fluid art that is anything but duplicated. Teeko’s expression of music divulged what the turntable world had been missing: true musicianship. The end result is a fresh, ear-pleasing album with a wide range of styles and textures that appeals to all music lovers.

My SoundStation “represents a new time for DJs…how they create music as well as collaborate with other musicians. This album takes you on a journey through dope scratching, unique production and ridiculous live instrumentation,” proclaims fellow Dollar Bin Quintet bandmate, Max Kane. Collaborations featured on My SoundStation include Jazz saxophonist Kenny Brooks and drummer Jay Lane of Alphabet Soup and Ratdog, as well as turntable band The Dollar Bin Quintet (Max Kane, BCause, J-1, Mike Boo and Teeko). The world class musicians featured add unique flavor to this distinctive album in turntable scratch music.

Teeko’s premier album opens the floodgate to a new epoch in turntablism.

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