Drunken Immortals

Drunken Immortals

Hot Concrete Download
Real Life (feat. Abstract Rude) Download
from Hot Concrete 12″ (2006, Universatile Music)
Purchase this 12″ release HERE

According to the ancient Chinese legend, the Drunken Immortals were invited to attend a banquet in an undersea kingdom. At the banquet, they became drunk and wild. All of the kingdom’s guards attacked the Drunken Immortals, but the immortals created an impromptu style on the spot and defeated the guardsmen.

Allying themselves with hip hops underground movement, the Drunken Immortals have decided to forge their own independent path towards recognition within the music industry. The impromptu style the Drunken Immortals have created is composed of live band instrumentation with turntable percussion and sampling, while being fronted by two hip hop emcees with the verbal tenacity to battle the best of them. With thousands of tour miles behind them, the Drunken Immortals are ready to make the leap from being a national success to a worldwide contender. The Drunken Immortals have aligned themselves with some of the west coasts most influential emcees and producers, and their message has been spreading like wildfire.

This multifaceted ensemble of musicians and rhyme crafting emcees have been creating their unique styles since 1999 when the Phoenix art and music scenes began to make noise, We met at Sub Society skate shop at a time when Tempe was really blowing up with art and music, like a renaissance- shit was crazy, says drummer/producer Foundation. Emcees Mike Cause and Brad B first crossed paths while attending the conservatory of recording arts when they decided to share their gear to work on one of Brad Bs projects. They ended up in a studio where there just happened to be a guitarist and drummer sitting around, and as Foundation puts it, Mike Cause had always dreamed of playing with a full live band. Those recordings became the first Drunken Immortals sessions put to tape, and lit a candle that would begin to burn much brighter for this seven man group bent on bringing the best of both worlds to an eager audience. The group is very adept at weaving the melodies of live instrumentation within the realms of the poetry being dropped by Mike Cause and Brad B, and one element never seems to overpower the other. This attention to detail comes from the groups relentless ability to hit the road, Besides the legendary group of weeklies weve been a part of for the last six years, we have done over 20 national tours and we toured all over Europe for a month, says the groups DJ, Pickster One. The groups process of spreading the D.I. gospel and listening to both Drunken Immortals albums makes it abundantly clear that this group takes the DIY punk philosophy to heart, Yeah, we have always been very community based and see ourselves as a hip hop group that is mad funky, says percussionist Scott White who recently finished a nationwide tour playing alongside DJ Z-Trip. With the ability to touch on everything from political strife to living life in the valley of the sun, Drunken Immortals possess the type of versatility that every well rounded group of artists needs to keep listeners hooked. The groups local popularity is reflected in their awards for best Hip-Hop group in Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times, which they won by popular vote in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. DI also received best Hip-Hop band in Arizona by the Arizona Republic for 2003 and 2006.

Drunken Immortals have recorded with a number of the underground hip hop worlds heavy weights, such as: 2mex, AWOL ONE, LMNO, Existereo, Sleep, Danu, Grayskull, Abstract Rude, Blacksheep, DJ Drez, and Josh Martinez. If the past is any indicator for what will lay ahead, then the prolific nature and impromptu styles of the Drunken Immortals will keep their sounds inside stereo speakers for many years to come.

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