Presto – Magic LP


Breath Control (featuring Lowd & DJ Haul) Download
Right Here (featuring Mr. J Medeiros & Kim Hill) Download
Brainstorm (featuring IN-Q & DJ Dusk R.I.P.) Download
from Magic LP (2006, Concrete Grooves)
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The beats and rhymes laid out over this 15 track session of feel good and creative vibes didn’t miraculously get laid down on tape when no one was home. Rather, Presto’s ‘Magic LP’ is an album that took many years and many friends and many challenges and many triumphs for him to get just right. Six years spent running his Concrete Grooves label, meeting the right people and producing the right beats is what makes ‘Magic LP’ . . . magic.

Starting with the one-man block party that is “Breath Control,” ‘Magic LP’ takes Cali hip-hop to the same place Cali once took music with good feelings and laidback attitude. The sunshine seeps through the chimes on the Raashan Ahmad powered “Think It Thru,” but even that doesn’t compare to the glorious light that is vocalist Kim Hill, perfectly illuminated by J Medeiros of the Procussions on “Right Here.” And the family gets larger, with 3rd Khind, Sach (once of the Nonce), LA Jae, Wayward Saints, Mhax Montes, L Scatterbrain, DJ Mino and the dearly departed DJ Dusk, who makes himself known on the stutter cuts of “Brainstorm” where IN-Q asks the friendliest question on the street, “how you been?”

Presto has been doing just fine, thanks for asking.

  1. I’ve always enjoyed Presto’s work and this album does not dissappoint. Scooped it up a few weeks ago. Actually, Concrete Grooves material is highly underappreciated, don’t you think?

    On a side note, still waiting for a Kim Hill album drop….hummmmmm….

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