Darc Mind – Symptomatic of a Greater Ill

Darc Mind

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from Symptomatic of a Greater Ill (2006, Anticon)
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Widely regarded as a lost classic from the East Coast scene (and who are we to argue?), this mid-nineties album from Public Enemy collaborator X-Ray provides a missing link between the split factions of back-pack boys and Dionysian thugs – with Darc Mind ‘Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill’ that rare treat; a hip-hop album that lives upto the hype. Carved around the twin talents of MC Kevroc and producer X-Ray, ‘Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill’ forges a sound that splices intricate bass-lines and boom-bap beats with a flea-pit orchestration that will be manna to the cochlea’s for anyone schooled on Pete Rock and Evil Dee – standing up against Beatminerz without breaking a sweat. Rumbling along in a sonorous fashion that is one part Aesop Rock, one part Quannum, Kevroc has the kind of melodious vocal style that defined the end of the 90’s, and when backed with the rugged KMD style production it all becomes a master class in hip-hops core principles. With the likes of ‘Visions Of A Blur’, ‘U Da One’, I’m Ill’ and ‘Fever Pitch’ all controlling the flow through pinpoint use of concrete beats, jazz samples and scratched choruses, ‘Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill’ takes on an epic feel that is neither forced nor artificial. Quite why this has languished unheard for so long is a genuine shame, but now it’s been given a second chance we suggest you do too. Ace.

    • K
    • September 14th, 2006

    Audio1 Love this Record! I had to admit I didn’t know the back story behind it till I read about it on Boomkat but this record here is a killer. Its got to be the Hip Hop sleeper album of the year don’t you think?


    Keep up the great work fellas. Peace.

    • K
    • September 14th, 2006

    I should mention also that your write up absolutely destroys mine. Great stuff Audio 1.

    • audio1
    • September 14th, 2006

    I borrowed that write up. I been way too lazy lately… but yeah, Darc Mind is phenomenal. Just got the album and man… We could have done with this album 10 years ago… I should file this under “Golden Era” while were at it.

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