Citrus Sessions from Myka Nyne


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from Citrus Sessions Vol. 1 (2006, Citrus Recordings)
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“Grown Folk Hip Hop” is a term that has been used to describe Myka Nyne’s new full length record the “Citrus Sessions Vol.1” Myka Nyne is well known throughout the world for his role as a founding member of the legendary LA Hip Hop group Freestyle Fellowship.

As a trained jazz trumpeter, Myka Nyne incorporates soulful melodies interwoven with his often imitated but never duplicated hardcore “chop” style lyricism. While Myka Nyne’s musical career started as a ghostwriter on the first N.W.A. record in the late 80’s, now a day’s Myka Nyne has perfected his style and coined it “Soul Rap.” Having frequently traveled the world playing shows, and paying his dues, Myka Nyne is poised and ready to rise from the underground and make the cross over into the mainstream. Critics and fans alike agree that “Citrus Sessions Vol.1” is the most well produced and musically creative album to come from Myka Nyne.

While collaborating with the Citrus Production team, the concept for the album was born from an imaginary place in the mind where the Citrus Sound takes on attributes of its own. With the “CITRUS SESSIONS ALL-STARS BAND”, consisting of members from Macy Gray, Raphael Saadiq, and Anthony Hamilton’s bands, MYKA NYNE’s live performances and tours are breaking through the barriers of Hip Hop and setting a new bar for artist worldwide.

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