TY and upwards


Ha Ha
So U Want More (Revox)
from Upwards (2003, Big Dada)

I’ve been half asleep constantly recently and haven’t been able to find the time to post up, hopefully that can change now. Due to the lack of UK hiphop reviewed by our blogging peers, I’m compelled to depict another UK album, overlooked, ofcourse, by the masses.

Upwards (2003) is the name by London MC, TY, released on Big Dada, it’s a follow up to his debut album ‘Awkward’ which hit us in 2001. The album is self produced and arranged with guidance and assistance from Drew (Ancient Records/ DozeGuys Ent) from Psychic Phenomena. This album staples together a plethora of carefully chosen noises, puts hefty drums on top of them andsmothers them in smooth vocals. There’s 20 odd musicians putting it down on this album, from Celloists and trumpetters to DJ’s providing additional cuts. The pace of the album is consistently mellow, ignoring, of course “Oh U Want More”. So the first trackup is “So U Want More?” (revox) featuring fellow UK hiphop veteran Roots Manuva. Secondly – “Dreams” with lovely lovely backing vocals from Eska Mtungwazi, not to mentioned Soprano Sax, provided by Jason Yarde.. The album really follows this laid-back vibethroughout (for the most part), contradicted by the grittyness of the man. Best foot forward first track “Ha Ha” is the last free insightyou’re going to get… With Bass & keys from Drew, chorus vocals from Kwadjo from Beyond The Stars & Michelle Escoffrey and scratches from DJ Bizznizz, This is menacing. Make of it what you will.

Referencing his myspace (http://www.myspace.com/tyandupwards) his new album is done and they are “just sorting out politics ….”

Matty B.

  1. Nice one,

    Saved me doin it!

    Someone had to put somethin of TY’s up at some point.

    Glad you only up’d a few joints too man. Make em all go pay 😉

    Check myspace for monthly gigs in London you might light.
    Played at the Medicince Bar in Shoreditch fri night, what a night!

    Neo-soul, Hip Hop & Broken Beats, live percussion, 5 quality live acts & carribean food not to mention raffle & give-aways.

    Check http://www.myspace.com/warriorfm

    I’m on Wed night at 9pm gmt



  2. Ty has been one of my favorite artists for a long time. Upwards is SOLID, but it didn’t get the attention that it deserved. Maybe the new joint will get him to the masses???

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