The St. Elsewhere Mix by Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis Vs. Gnarls Barkley
The St. Elsewhere Mix

Download Here (right-click and save)

It seems like a battle between people who are absolutely nuts over Gnarls Barkley and people who hate the project. I wish people actually put some thought into why they dont like this album besides “It sucks” and “This aint hiphop!”… to which I say, “It’s hella more hiphop than most anything on commercial top 40 rap&bullshit radio”… For people who are still sleeping like sheep or need a nudge, Check out this incredibly well put together mix by Ben Lewis outta Baton Rouge, LA… It’s entitled “The St. Elsewhere Mix” and it’s the entire album mixed. Gnarls Barkley should holler at this cat. I know hella people who copped the album after hearing this. I’ve been bangin’ it alot in the ride and on CC-Radio. Ben describes the project in his own words…

“I’ve always wanted to do a full-album DJ mix, but could never come up with inspiration from a particular record. After listening to Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere for a couple of days, I realized how challenging and fun mixing the entire CD would be. So last night, instead of crunching data for my thesis, I recorded this mix.

Why St. Elsewhere? It’s new, it’s relevant, it’s fun — but it’s short. Really goddamn short. Most songs clock in under three minutes, and Cee-Lo’s vocals often start on the first beat. This makes things difficult for mixing. Fortunately, some quick editing and arrangements make it possible to mix these little ideas of songs into a showcase exactly 30 minutes long. Those who know the original tracks should be able to tell where I constructed instrumentals for this mix. The album’s largely varying tempos provided another challenge; this mix starts off at 112 BPM and ends at 75 BPM.”

There you have it folks. Grab it while its still hot. Many respect to Ben Lewis for the incredible talent. Let’s see what other album he cuts up together… Cop that Gnarls Barkley album and support some next level sound exploration.

“Rock and Roll could never hiphop like this” – Stetsasonic

Ben Lewis Vs. Gnarls Barkley
The St. Elsewhere Mix

01. The Last Time
02. Crazy
03. The Boogie Monster
04. Just a Thought
05. Online
06. Feng Shui
07. Gone Daddy Gone
08. Smiley Faces
09. Who Cares?
10. Transformer
11. Storm Coming
12. Necromancer
13. St. Elsewhere
14. Go-Go Gadget Gospel

  1. That joint is 30 minutes whoa!

    • Yeknom
    • June 18th, 2006

    Wow, what a great piece of work. I have largely enjoyed this album, but after hearing the work produced by Ben Lewis, I have a new respect for it. Great work Ben, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. You da man!

  2. this is such a great mix…simple idea, and very well executed…
    ill be bumping this one over the summer for sure..thanks!!!

    • jose pimenel
    • July 5th, 2006

    love it!@!

  3. New link for people who haven’t heard this yet:

    Thanks again for the support.

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