Rashid Hadee – It Ain’t Hard To Tell

Rashid Hadee

It Ain’t Hard To Tell Download (ZIP)
from It Ain’t Hard To Tell EP (2006, Neblina Records)

Name me one moment when Jerry Juliano, Rashid Hadee or anyone from Neblina Records isnt busy at work on some hot new hiphop project? They keep releasing nothing but bangers that rock crowds, jams and just about every ipod from Chicago to Ecuador. You got the rhyming beatslinger Rashid Hadee from Chapter 13 on a dope EP entitled “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” which features 8 new tracks, all produced by the man himself. You got him either on the boards layin down some thick beatwork or sharing mic duties alongside Augustine, Abstract Mindstate and Chapter 13. Check out his ill remix of Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “Appreciate”. You will definitely appreciate it. Grab it and spread the word on Rashid Hadee, Chapter 13 and Neblina Records. This should keep you over until Rashid drops the highly anticipated “Dedication” album. Fresh quality hiphop music, for free? Dont sleep. and If you aint down, Join the Neblina Records forum and tell em Audio1 sent ya.

  1. I just discovered Hadee when I picked up Chapter 13 and Abstract Mindstate’s latest CD’s. Why isn’t this cat large like 9th Wonder?

  2. Yo, the cat is mad nice on the beatz & the rhymez. The reason he hasn’t gained status is because #1 U got 790,000,000 wack cats online pretending to be producers/rappers/promoters–#2 U got 35,000,000,000 people pretendin to like em or givin em shot outs-when most of these cats cant even count bars. I know Hadee, we not just on another page, its a whole nother book.

  3. Yo Audio thanks for the good words as always! What Chase good look with you help on the album. What Todd Glad you like the music.

    Just want to let yall know that “Dedication” (Rashid’s Solo Album) is out now!!!


    Thanks again for the support.

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