The Procussions on Rawkus Records

The Procussions

A Video message from The Procussions
All That It Takes feat. Vice Versa
Wegotta! (Get Up)
from As Iron Sharpens Iron (2003, Basementalism)

The Procussions
5 Sparrows For 2 Cents
New album on Rawkus Records
In Stores May 30th 2006

RRR-Rawkus Records Returns. If you forgot what The Procussions are all about, Here are 2 tracks to refresh your memories. This new project is looking to be sick and on Rawkus… What!???! These cats have been down since Day One. I remember vividly when Nicdgreek and I started Skratchlab Radio back in 2002, These guys came outta nowhere and looked out for us. They sent us new tracks to play and even made our first Skratchlab Anthem. **By The way, Skratchlab Radio is back… Stay Tuned** Check them out, Watch their video, listen to their music and go/support them on their new project.

Update 04/03/06

Hip-Hop enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for The Procusssions new release 5 Sparrows for 2 cents on the world famous Rawkus Record label. Scheduled to drop May 30, this is the first major label release for the group. Group member, Mr. J. Medeiros, said, “We really put a lot of ourselves into this album. We feel like we have grown a lot from the first record. This album we speak about a lot of things that we feel people are not talking about.”

5 Sparrows for 2 cents is the perfect compliment to their first release, …As Iron Sharpens Iron courtesy of Basementalism records. While the first album focused on introducing the world to The Procussions sound, 5 Sparrows for 2 cents is a showcase of the trio perfecting their craft. All three MCs boast a musically influenced background which is evident on the album. The album actually gets its name from a verse in the bible. Rez explains, “Five sparrows are sold for two cents and not one of them falls with out God knowing about it. It’s the idea that there is extreme amount of value in a person created with a purpose. We lessen and cheapen everything about ourselves.” The first single is titled “The Storm” where MC’s Mr J.Medeiros, Stro, and Rez release lyrical thunder over a signature procussions beat. All production is handled by group member Stro, who splits time between MC’ing and hitting the boards. The outcome is a combination of beats and rhymes which blend together to become The Procussions definitive sound.

The Procussions incorporate substance based rhymes over drum driven beats. Stro adds, “We believe the heart of hip-hop is the drum, the percussion, it’s the driving force that sets it apart from all other genres. The rhythm patterns alone of a rapper are much like a percussion instrument. It’s important to get to the root of things in life and the root of hip-hop is the percussion.” The Procussions in conjunction with Rawkus are staying true to the foundation of which Hip-Hop was rooted. The Procussions abide by basic principles of traditional Hip-Hop, while at the same time striving to push the boundaries of the genre and elevate its followers to a higher plateau.

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