Tales of The Forgotten Melodies – Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor

Que Sera
from Tales of The Forgotten Melodies (2006, Decon)
Following the warm welcome received in his home country of France, where his long player was the highlight of the year, Wax Tailor is ready to take the US by storm. His debut album, “Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies” is a 52 minute journey into the depths of cinematic hip hop. All 18 tracks will evoke memories and wake up the music lover in you.

You see, Wax Tailor uses samples in his music like film directors use actors. His record was conceived as an orchestral movie, falling somewhere between hip-hop and downtempo. WT hijacks “these “forgotten melodies” and retells them as a story of his own.

In this elaborate patchwork of numerous influences and multiple references to the art of film, major names from twentieth century music (Doris Day, Nina Simone, Bjork…) get to meet Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen or Alfred Hitchcock. Atlanta’s The Others (Third Earth Music) appear on the record to offer a tribute to hip-hop culture in which WT has been involved for the last 20 years. We also get the chance to hear Charlotte Savary from the French Band Clover, as well as Marina Quaisse’s cello-playing, which runs through the whole album and delicately colors it with a darker shade of melancholy. Acting as a perfect « wax tailor », WT delivers an album that plays with our collective memory. He offers us a soundtrack to a movie each of us can enjoy from our own unique perspective.

Wax Tailor is well known in France for his role within the band La Formule in the early 90’s, where he was a rapper, a composer, a producer and a manager. In 2002 he embarked on producing the Wax Tailor project. The selfreleased first album went on to become the most played record of the year on the reknowned Radio Nova and has been drawing rave reviews with it’s rare mix of downtempo and hip hop. Think DJ Shadow meets RJD2 meets Portishead and you will get the idea.
We agree! Check out this sample of Wax Tailors work. Turning a new leaf on The BrokeBBoys. Payday! TGIF. Happy St. Patty’s Day (for those who celebrate).


  1. Hum,

    I like this sound and nice arrangement. I’d like to hear more to determine if I am willing to pick up the entire wax. Nice track to introduce to the masses (who hadn’t hear this before, including moah)

  2. oh yeah. I’ll see if I can get more material to post up.


  3. I like that tracks female vocal samples and the slowed downed temple is dope. It would be cool to hear more.

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