Forever protected by the red, the black and the green.

Professor X of X-Clan

Funkin’ Lesson
Heed The Word Of The Brother
Raise The Flag
from To The East,Blackwards (1990, 4th & Broadway)

We just got word that Lumumba Professor X The Overseer of X-Clan has passed away in a New York hospital today. He had been suffering from Meningitis and dealing with a chronic asthmatic condition his entire life. He leaves behind his family and a big family of friends and hiphop fans all over the world. The BrokeBBoys send their condolences to his family and his close fam/friends. He will be Forever protected by the red, the black and the green. R.I.P. Professor X


  1. Rest In Peace Professor X

    • Jamal
    • March 20th, 2006

    the picture that you have isn’t professor x. but I just wanted everyone to know that. I could be wrong myself but that’s brother j, the lead rapper of the x-clan group. We all will miss the songs that he did if you are a X-Clan fan. …with the key…sissy!!!!!!! No lie I was actually listening to the tape 1 week ago. I never listen to my tapes like that. Kind of an errie feeling. RIP Professor X

  2. Word up man. I actually took that from an X-Clan website and It’s been used by many other hiphop news sites and blogs. A very big oversight on our part. My apologies. I have posted a new picture which is really Prof X.


  3. Yo I loved X Clan. It’s truely a shame.

    Yo I uplaoded 5 Unreleased Dilla beats here
    Check them out.

  4. Lovin’ the new look!

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