Skinnyman drops obese record


Fuck The Hook
Day To Day Basis
Life In My Rhymes
from Council Estate of Mind (2004, Lowlife)

Originally coming out of Leeds (although re-locating to London at an early age) Skinnyman has been at it for a while, with little to no plaudits. But within ‘Council Estate of Mind’, a working class social commentary, he fiercely delivers scientific intelligence. Loyal marijuanic forefather of UK hiphop, Skinny formed the now infamous UK crew; The Mud Family, with Mongo and Chester P, who would later disband into Taskforce with his brother Farma G. As a result of evolution and reputation Skinnyman got a deal with Talkin’ Loud, but while in the process of developing his album content, he was locked up for marijuana distribution, and during his 9 months inside, the label he was signed to went into meltdown.

The result being him eventually finding his way onto legendary UK hiphop organisation, Low Life records, and shooting out the 2004 long player ‘Council Estate Of Mind’. Regular samples from the racially charged movie “Made In Britain” provide a fluid narrative, and a nice sense of continuity, although some of the samples are just TOO extended, but if benefits more than it takes away in my humble opinion. So, we have “Fuck The Hook”, this is a crazy track..Baby J on the beat, and it really sets off the album, topically too. Enjoy this one, a pivotal track for modern day UK hiphop!! Next up “Day To Day Basis”, which is a poignant ballad, it’s got melancholic strings and enough to have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end!! Finally “Life In My Rhymes”, another banger, for real.. This is only a slight insight to the greatness that is this album. If you’re sleeping, wake the fuck up!!

Peace, Matty B!

  1. Word. Skinnyman dropped a gem with Council Estate of Mind. Fuck The Hook is one of the best Uk records of the last few years. With Skinnyman, Jehst and Klashnekoff the Uk is ready to stand the fuck up.

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