R.I.P. Jay Dilla

Jay Dee/Jay Dilla

Slum Village-Players
Jay Dee-Think Twice
J-88-Keep On It
Crustation-Purple (Jay Dee Remix)
Das Efx-Microphone Master (Jay Dee Remix)
Masta Ace-Sitting On Chrome (The Ummah Remix)

The BrokeBBoys pay respect to a fallen soldier in the hiphop game.

“Currently, I am at a loss for words. As Im diggin thru old vinyl, All these old memories conjure up in my mind about the times I went thru while his music was blarin’ out the walkman on my rides on the AC Transit 92 or 82L. He left an incredible catalog of music that he will always be remembered by. He will be missed. R.I.P. Jay Dilla” -Audio1

“A Master of many styles, and one of the most positively active hiphop producers over the last decade and a half. The hiphop game has lost a legend that it is never going to replace. REST IN PEACE” -Matt B

“There is no groove and presence that can ever replace Jay Dee. I hope his spirit continues to live within our Hiphop generation. Rock on J. Live in Peace.” -boogaLeo

  1. Well said!

    My condolensces to his family!

    Thanks for making my ears smile, Jay Dilla!

  2. His beats will stand the test of time…

    Rest In Peace

  3. i hope this mix i put together will stand as a fitting tribute. get it at http://www.every-day-thoughts.blogspot.com.–>

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