Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory

Maniac (Album Version)
Maniac (King Mix)
Maniac (Colin Vibe Mix)
from Ghetto Street Funk (1993, MCA Records)

Between sippin’ on Theraflu, Water and watching “Beef III”, I’ve been diggin’ in the crates for some shit I havent seen in a minute. What we got here is some homies representing outta the SWAT (Southwest Atlanta) by the name of Parental Advisory, otherwise known as P.A.

These guys have some major history behind them… Before ATL got taken over by the southernplayalistic, hard-hitting crunk style (which isnt a bad thing in my books), P.A.’s Melloo Capone, K.P. and Big Reese were doing some hardcore hiphop shit. They put out this single, “Maniac”, off their first album release entitled “Ghetto Street Funk”… They basically laid down the law as far as lyrics are concerned. A good mixture of dark grimey street tales and a lil’ braggadocio which dont hurt. You got 3 mixes of the same track, All which stand out separately, All produced by Organized Noize. Organized Noise eh? Looks like Parental Advisory happen to be 1st Generation Dungeon Family (OutKast, Goodie Mob, Witchdoctor, Cool Breeze amongst others) so the history goes back. Their first album was the only one which delved into the hiphop we like. Organized Noise and a few others did the production. One cat that struck me in particular was DJ Toomp. He alone has a crazy history, having worked with Raheem The Dream and DJ’ed for MC Shy D… You can thank him and Shy D for that cult-classic “Shake It”… If that wasnt enough, He went to work with Luke and The 2 Live crew before heading back to ATL where he discovered Lil’ Jon and The Eastside Boyz in the early 90’s… What more can ya say about that…

Later in their career, Parental Advisory swapped the hardcore style for a more Outkast-styled approach and dropped 2 albums as P.A., “Straight No Chase” and “My Life, Your Entertainment” which were real successful in the south markets. They soon disbanded and worked on other projects, getting production credits for TLC, Pink, Mystikal, Usher, Outkast and an endless list of others… K.P. went to become an A&R at some label… Maybe someone who knows can shine some light their current status. Enjoy the cuts and please, feel free to post your comments and feedback. Peace.


  1. Didn’t they also feature on the CB4 soundtrack??

  2. Yeah it’s the same crew as on the CB4 soundtrack

    • Anonymous
    • February 28th, 2006

    KP & Toomp are both central figures in T.I.’s success, KP for signing him & doing A&R for his label, Toomp’s basically his in-house-producer now

    Mello was memorably the dude on Speakerboxxx’s “Last Call” sounding all annoying and catchy at the same time. he’s got a veerrryy distinct style these days.

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