Insane Poetry

“How you gonna reason with a Psycho, Like Audio1?!!”
Insane Poetry

How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?!!
If Rhymes Could Kill
from How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?!! 12″ (1992, Nastymix/Ichiban)

I’ve been battlin’ a bad case of the Avian Flu (It sure feels like it…) and got around to diggin’ in the crates for some old hardcore hiphop. What I pulled out was some crazy madness from the likes of Insane Poetry, An LA-Based group who in 1992 dropped a real fuckin crazy album entitled “Grim Reality”.

“How ya gonna reason with a psycho?!!” is one of them tracks that leaves you scratching your head wondering, What the fuck did I just listen to… It’s a brilliantly hype track with some ultra demented messages. Its guys like Psycho who paved the way for MC’s like Cage and Necro, just spittin’ some horrorcore shit to their hearts content. Youll like the track, trust me… It’s funny as fuck and will leave you baffled at the same time. “If Rhymes Could Kill” takes the “Funky Worm” from The Ohio Players and takes it to the next level with Dark rhymes and metaphors like…

“If rhymes could kill
they’d have this nigga strapped in a strait jacket
cause my lyrics chop like a chrome-plated hatchet”

On this single, you find our old school homie DJ Joe Cooley and MC Psycho handlin’ the production duties. This group was seriously ahead of their time. Fans of Insane Poetry have them up there with Brother Lynch, Esham, Doomsday Productions and Tim Dog in the hardcore category. All Music Guide put their album as “among hip-hop’s underground cult classics of the early 1990s”… Imagine if you put Psycho and Tim Dog in the same room? Psycho defines their sound with his quote, “Shit, if I didn’t rap I’d probably be a serial killa / you’re lucky that I rap, but you don’t hear me, nigga.”


  1. this is on some boom bap g-funk! nice.

  2. I heard of this blog a while back but only just went on it now, man i’m glad I did, Parental Advisory, Cool C, King Tee and my favourite group of all time Insane Poetry all on the front page i’m lovin’ it.

    Have you heard “Blacc Plague” or “Faith In Chaos”? They’re just as crazy as the Nastymix classic.

    Peace,and thanks for the underground posts.


  3. PSYCHO (now spelt CYCO) of Insane Poetry is 1 of my closest friends & partners in rhyme. he just released a new album entitled FALLEN FROM GRACE & is featured on my mixtape THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD ( & will be on my upcoming album CADILLACS & BATTLE RAPS (


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