All Balls Bounce in Magnificent City


Mic Check
Headaches and Woes
Feet Upon The Table
Headaches and Woes (Remix)
from Mic Check 12″ (1995, Capitol)

Fire Download
from Magnificent City (2005, Decon)
Release date Feb. 2005

Lets take a lil trip back in time… I can remember coming home from school one day, turning on BET’s Rap City and seeig Aceyalone for the first time on video… Actually, He was on The Nonce’s “Bus Stops” video on the hooks, but this time, He was in full rhyme mode. Mic Check, which is considered one of the best syllable/lyrical flipping tracks of all time. More uptempo beat provided by Vic Hop with Aceyalone bouncing around the track with some ill lyrics.

“Headaches and Woes” is another incredible track from the B-Side of the “Mic Check” single… Acey on the MIC, Onaji Murray on Vibraphones and Punish handling the beats with a crazy off-beat track. It’s not off-beat but seems offset by a bar, yet Acey manages to keep it all in line. I also include the “Headaches and Woes (Remix)”. This time you got the trio of Chillin Villin, Empire and Aceyalone reconstructing the beat, giving it that Run DMC-ish 80’s backbone… The lyrics are the same as the original with a couple of words and phrases changed around a bit. He took a more laid back approach on this version compared to the original where he was just blastin’ off like a G.

One of the doper posse cuts from Aceyalone’s catalog is also part of this 12-Inch. “Feet Upon The Table”, features lyrics from Vic Hop, Riddler, Aceyalone, LA Khule, Fish, Mark The Murderer (Chill) and Abstract Rude with the beats handled by Butcha’ Bro Homicide (DJ Homicide??)… This one baffled me years ago since I thought it was just Acey switching his styles every 8 bars, but indeed its his Freestyle Fellowship peers who join him on a nice rhyme attack over a knockin beat and dope skratch hooks.

10 years later and Mr. Aceyalone is still killin’ em on the mic. This week, I got sent the promo single to Aceyalone’s upcoming album, “Magnificent City”, which will be available on Feb. 7th 2005 on Decon. The single is entitled “Fire” and is produced by beat wizard RJD2. You have a more relaxed, laid back Aceyalone on a party vibe. Good lyrics, good beat and Acey still killin’ it. Def some good music to look forward to heading into 2006.


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